The Truth About Aquaponics – A review

As I have stated earlier, I am now following up with an unbiased product review of Andrew Endres Aquaponics product.

After scouring the internet and conducting research on this topic I have put together a no fluff, down and dirty review of the Easy DIY Aquaponics that gives you a step by step guide to building your very own aquaponics systems.

As you may well know, building an aquaponic systems or should I say building it right, takes an understanding of the system and the tools to build the system. And this isn’t including the design of the aquaponics system, the implementation of the system and the maintenance of the system.

The Home Aquaponics System Advantages:

There is no plowing and or fertilizing because there is no soil involved with this system.The water stays contained within the system and is re-used, therefore, there is 80% less water consumption than farming.The nutrients and minerals are release under a controlled method, therefore, are never wasted.

Plants will grow faster do to the efficiency of the aquaponics system.Many of the diseases and pests found in traditional farming and gardening are not found and or are much easier controlled.

The 2 Biggest Benefits Of An Aquaponics Home System:

One of the biggest advantages of designing and building a home aquaponics system yourself is the money you will save. When conducting my online research I found many sites that are selling these aquaponics kits anywhere from $1200-$6000. Now if you are anything like me, that is a good chunk of change to fork out. And many of them want you to use their company for installation, another expense that is in the final price.

Andrew Endres within his Easy DIY Aqauponics product shows you how to design and build this system for around $300. And another big advantage to a aquaponics home system is its automation. Once you have completed the installation of the system and get the chemistry setup correctly for your fish and plants, 95% of all the work is now automated. Now all you need to do is plant the new seedlings after your plants complete their full growth cycle.

The aquaponics system is like having mother nature working in your own backyard for it is a real ecosystem.

This is a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow and shows you exactly how to  design and build a home aquaponics system for a fraction of the cost some of the other guys are charging for their kits.

This is one of the most comprehensive guides I have found during my research. The guide has in-depth videos that shows you step-by-step the build process for the aquaponics system. These are easy to follow videos that cover each step of the process.

As well as the videos you get the do it yourself manual that explains every step of how to get your aquaponics garden setup, starting it for the first time and the important maintaining of your system so that it is fully operation all year round. You will also be getting a complete set of blueprints and diagrams that show in detail the process of setting the system up.

A troubleshooting guide that if you encounter a problem you can quickly use the troubleshooting guide to find a sound answer to resolve your problem. Also within this product is a complete aquaponics systems parts guide that you can easily printout and take with you so that you get exactly everything you need to complete the build of your new system.

Andrew has also supplied maintenance logs that allow you to keep track and records of all your fish feedings, water changes and chemical tests that will keep your fish and plants healthy and your system running smooth and efficiently. And final, the Easy DIY Aquaponics product comes with an all access pass to the download site. Here is where you can download updates, get the latest news and information on the aquaponics system and any ongoing training and instruction that is needed.

How Does Easy DIY Aquaponics Work?

The product is broken down into 3 separate and distinct modules. Andrew Endres has broken the instruction down to you in these 3 modules so it is easy to follow and digest.

Module 1 Of Easy DIY Aquaponics

In this module you will discover and learn the fundamentals of aquaponics, such as how it works, how to design it, how to build your system and how to maintain it. Here is where you will get the full detailed step-by-step ebook with the blueprints, diagrams and plans on the installation of the home aquaponics system.

Module 2 Of Easy DIY Aquaponics

Here you will be given the step-by-step instruction on how to build your new aquaponics system. Andrew understand the importance of learning and knows that often times many people learn best through both visual and audio. That is why he put together the videos so that you can visually see how the  system is put together from start to finish. The videos will work hand and hand with the ebook.

Module 3 of Easy DIY Aquaponics

This is your full and complete unlimited membership to the site. Here is where you will access additional aquaponics news, information and updates. The format that Andrew Endres has compiled here in his product is one of the best ways to learn. It combines the learning method of reading with the ebook and visual with the online videos.

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